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Catering Experiences & Events

Our Approach

We believe that every event is unique, and therefore has its own needs. Our team takes time to consider each major variable below. It is our goal to partner in a way that creates a "wow" factor.



Helmed by a Michelin-starred Chef, our culinary team continuously seeks to innovate and reimagine our menus. Every item should be striking, have a whimsical visual, and a level of creativity that only adds to the occasion. From passed canapés, to plated dinners, very little is too far out of reach for our culinary team to produce.


No two events are the same, and our team is fully-prepared to tailor each detail to fit your needs. From completely custom service vessels featuring motion video, to something as specific as gold-plated desserts...anything is possible. We can assist with tablescape design, floral, spacial decor, menu printing, and more.


Our service team practices assertive hospitality, predicting and acting upon guests needs efficiently, and with purpose. We aim to create unique and memorable moments together, often by adding layers of surprise and delight in events. We believe service should not feel robotic or pretentious, but rather warm and gracious.


Our production team checks each event prior to showtime and throughout, ensuring that even the smallest details are accounted for. We continuously check for lighting, music, guest flow, and more. Our team uses anything within their means to enhance your experience.