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As a full-service experiential catering company, Convivium has been creating memorable events for over eleven years. Its team is dedicated to continuously delivering great food, impeccable service and beautifully designed experiences. Convivium can produce a variety of social occasions, corporate events, and experiential marketing activations. Learn more


Established in 2007

Originally established by three founding partners, Convivium Catering swiftly became one of New York's preferred catering companies. At its genesis, it was focused on traditional catering for social and corporate events. It's culinary team showcased a wide range of ingredients and cuisines, from stationary displays to family-style and plated events.

Convivium Today

Convivium has grown into a fully-customizable experiential catering firm. Its team is comprised of Michelin-starred veterans, creatives, and custom designers. By partnering with other top agencies and suppliers, we tailor ourselves to match the needs of each client. Services can range from intimate dinners to extravagant experiences.