The Creative Process

We believe that every event is unique, and therefore and each event has its own needs. The Convivium team takes time to consider each goal and variable with clients, then advises the best next steps to meet the client's needs. Below is a snapshot of how Convivium works with each client to develop events that will create lasting-impressions.



Hi, how are you?

Once an inquiry is received, we will set up a time to connect and learn about the event in question. From there, the team starts to brainstorm ideas on how to create an incredible experience.


Ideas and Proposal

On the other end of the brainstorming sessions, our team comes back with a proposal that includes sample menu items, recommendations,  and ways we think we can enhance the event even further.



Tasting & Review

Once a contract is signed, the clients are invited to attend a tasting. The team uses this time to further plan and talk through details on the clients event. From there, it's showtime!


Day-of Management

By this time, the Convivium production team will have all of their notes, timeline, floor-plan, chair tags, and flowers ready to go. They will handle everything to the smallest detail under their scope. The client should be able to sit back and relax (or be a Bridezilla if they choose, it's cool).