Who We Are


Every great event and each memorable moment comes with its own recipe. Ours is that of nearly a century of collective experience in the special events arena. With founders assimilated from across the globe and a core team of hospitality experts, we offer a harmony of passionate attention to the fine details of an unforgettable experience. The combination of our team’s personal approach to service creates incredible food and enduring memories.


Our Event Philosophy

Rooted in French culinary tradition, we believe there’s an art to catering. Everything, from preparation to presentation should be inviting—wrapped in subtlety, sophistication, and class. We seek to deliver the peace of mind that comes when delicious food is served in a uniquely tailored experience. After all, it’s your moment. Beyond the food, we make sure you can enjoy the environment and company that turns meals into unforgettable experiences.

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Why We Are in This Business

We believe in the art of hospitality. Creating delicious food and presenting it in an atmosphere of energy and warmth is our craft. Ensuring the smiles & laughter of our guests is a detail we savor as much as the food we prepare. The success of every event we serve, from intimate gatherings to corporate galas, is what Convivium brings to your table.